‘Take the Journey’ Watercolor Landscape Painting Print


Watercolor Landscape Painting Print


‘Take the Journey’

This watercolor piece is a celebration of color, movement, and energy. With hours of intuitive painting, every expressive mark is filled with pure, authentic creativity. Each thoughtful brushstroke represents the energy that fuels our universe and the vision of the artist to capture it in their art. Abstract art is truly not only about beauty or color. It is about diving into the environment of the artist’s mind. This one-of-a-kind piece is a fragment of the artist’s soul, an extremely precious thing to have. With all of the purity, insight, and enchantment woven together, it nurtures an intensely personal experience with its wonder. Your home needs this piece, just as much as this piece needs a home. So experience the essence and emotion of artistry with this beautiful piece, and let inspiration take you wherever your imagination leads.

The name of this piece, ‘Take the Journey’, was incredibly fitting as it represents the steps you have to take are not completely visible. This motivating piece is meant to show how the path of life is never predictable and how we are being called to live by faith, not by sight. Many times in our lives we are not shown the entire path that we are on, but rather just the first step, and this is one of the greatest lessons. All we need to focus on is taking the next step instead of comparing the path ahead of us to the strength we have in this moment. This piece is an incredible reminder that staying grounded in the present moment during our journey strengthens the ability to walk by faith and not by sight.

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Dimensions 8 × 10 in


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