‘Storm Watch’ Alcohol Ink Painting Print


‘Storm Watch’ Alcohol Ink Painting Print


‘Storm Watch’

These paintings are inspired by our relationship with the world around us, in search of balance and peace within ourselves and with our environment. Using a variety of different mediums, the inks bring out the essence, energy, and soul in each painting, allowing your imagination to enhance what you see before you. With these paintings based on the shapes and patterns in nature, every painting has a unique color pattern and texture that is sure to create a sense of movement and energy in any space where it is displayed. The mesmerizing colors and smooth texture of the paintings create a soothing effect that gives every room in your home a certain rhythm. Each painting is one-of-a-kind and original with an energetic flow and movement that makes each piece feel alive with energy. These pieces are so earthy and artistic that we’re confident they will bring organic beauty to any space with their intricate detail! All of my paintings are created with love and intent from my heart to yours. 


With alcohol ink paintings, it is almost impossible to completely control its behavior. And that is one of my favorite things about it. One of the best ways to truly be the observer of the piece you are creating and just watch the material work its magic before you. My favorite part about this piece is that it effortlessly resembled a storm cloud with lightning with the streaks of gold; and that is why I had to name this piece ‘Storm Watch’. This piece feels as if it is a calming storm. One that needed to pass through as if it was a golden opportunity to show how strong one’s roots really are, to show how far you’ve come and how these storms are for your good. Because without rain, there is no growth. This resembles the greatest growth that occurs amongst the greatest storms.


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