‘Spiraled Step Expressive Drawing Print


‘Spiraled Step’ Expressive Drawing Print


‘Spiraled Step’

Art is a journey. When creating this art piece I, the artist, allows my soul to flow freely, lending true insight into my creative process. Each stroke of the pen becomes a part of my soul, and each line echoes the movement I experience when in flow state. Creative expression can be freeing and powerful in its intimacy, as it allows us to become one with our essence and soulful energies. I invite you to see into the nature of the never-ending flow of energy and feel your essence shine through with each stroke of the pen.


This expressive piece, ‘Spiraled Step’, shines light on how incredible the intuitive process is. That is where true authentic self can shine brightest. While in the flow state, this was done in a waiting room. Interestingly enough, this piece was born from a situation teaching me to be patient. This piece shows how to can be grounded in yourself and your truth while being outside of your comfort zone. The name ‘Spiraled Step’ comes from the concept of our life path being a spiral staircase. We come across lessons we thought we had learned before, but now from a place of significant growth where we are able to see things from a whole new perspective. When we revisit lessons in our lives, it is never a step backwards but an opportunity to grow even more as we learn from the past in the present. This print gives off a constant reminder of how much creative potential dwells within you in each and every moment, it is just up to you to see it and call it in, as that is your purpose. You deserve to be confident in your creative power wherever you go.


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