‘Seeking’ Expressive Drawing Print


‘Seeking’ Expressive Drawing Print



Open your mind and see the world in an entirely new way with these expressive drawings, as each one explores the concept of enlightenment and passion for growth, authenticity and purity. These drawings are meant to bring awareness and hopefully, allow each viewer to find their own truth through the meaning within each piece. Abstract and playful, yet thoughtful and introspective, these pieces are meant to be displayed in your home or office as a way for you to share your beliefs with others and open up your mind to new possibilities. Allow this visual journey of spiritual growth to be a reminder that we can all be greater than we ever dreamed possible.


This conceptual drawing, ‘Seeking’, was one of my favorite drawings to create. It is always so fun to give deeper meaning to a normalized thing to widen your perspective a little bit more. This koi fish is symbolizing a period of growth and looking to move out of an area in life that no longer serves significant growth. There is a quote that talks about how fish can only grow as big as its tank. There are a lot of areas in life where we have the ability to create how big our tank is, or our comfort zone in a sense. We have the chance at any moment to grow, or stay the same. It is safe to say there are a lot of times where it hurts more to stay than to grow, and we have only one choice for ourselves, and it is to push ourselves out of stagnancy and get back into the flow of life as a new version of ourselves. This piece, ‘Seeking’, is a tribute to the opportunity to either be a prisoner of the past, or a pioneer of the future.


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