‘Multiform’ B&W Expressive Drawing Print


B&W Expressive Drawing Print



Art is a journey. When creating this art piece I, the artist, allow my soul to flow freely, lending true insight into my creative process. Each stroke of the pen becomes a part of my soul, and each line echoes the movement I experience when in flow state. Creative expression can be freeing and powerful in its intimacy, as it allows us to become one with our essence and soulful energies. I invite you to see into the nature of the never-ending flow of energy and feel your essence shine through with each stroke of the pen from this print.

I created this piece to challenge myself by focusing on one type of mark in various different forms. All of the marks within this drawing are all lines embodying a different energy, a different personality. This piece, ‘Multiform’, is to show the incredible beauty within difference. These marks all look incredibly different, yet they are all the same. Same goes for us as humans; we are all different, yet we are all the same. With the variety of forms derived from the same shape, there is beautiful diversity harmonizing into one grand creation, that holds thousands of different realities within each cluster of expressive marks.

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Dimensions 8 × 10 in


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