‘Interconnected’ Original Expressive Drawing


Pen and Ink Original Expressive Drawing

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Art is a journey. When creating this art piece I, the artist, allows my soul to flow freely, lending true insight into my creative process. Each stroke of the pen becomes a part of my soul, and each line echoes the movement I experience when in flow state. Creative expression can be freeing and powerful in its intimacy, as it allows us to become one with our essence and soulful energies. I invite you to see into the nature of the never-ending flow of energy and feel your essence shine through with each stroke of the pen.


This intuitive drawing, ‘Interconnected’, is a tribute to how incredible a person’s inner world truly is. When we walk past a stranger in public, there are thousands of emotions that have been felt, memories that have been lived, storms that made an impact, insecurities that remain in the shadow, gifts and talents that shine brightly within that we cannot see by merely peering into their eyes. A person’s inner world is something that can only be understood by one person in the flesh, themselves. Even sometimes not even them; it is a fascinating concept that in many ways truly goes beyond our understanding. Despite the differences of our inner worlds, we all have that exact thing in common. We assume that our fears, insecurities, doubts, likes, hopes, dreams, etc. are so incredibly different from the person next to us. But if you take a look inside yourself, you might just see that there are more things connecting us all together than not.

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Dimensions 5 × 7 in


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