‘In Depth’ Expressive Drawing Print


‘In Depth’ Expressive Drawing Print


‘In Depth’

Open your mind and see the world in an entirely new way with these expressive drawings, as each one explores the concept of enlightenment and passion for growth, authenticity and purity. These drawings are meant to bring awareness and hopefully, allow each viewer to find their own truth through the meaning within each piece. Abstract and playful, yet thoughtful and introspective, these pieces are meant to be displayed in your home or office as a way for you to share your beliefs with others and open up your mind to new possibilities. Allow this visual journey of spiritual growth to be a reminder that we can all be greater than we ever dreamed possible.


This intuitive piece, ‘In Depth’, was a relaxing color meditation after a long day. A lot of the times when I create these colorful drawings, the insight on the piece comes after it is done. Even though this piece is 2D, it creates an illusion of an incredible amount of depth through all of the layers of colors. Taking a deep look into the creative process shows you how powerful art can be in teaching you insight about yourself and your life. This piece, although it is more simple in concept, holds many layers of insight through the depth of the colorful strokes.


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