‘Down to Earth’ Conceptual Painting Print


Conceptual Painting Print


‘Down to Earth’

As a concept for life, this unique multidimensional work of art is filled with spiritual and intellectual meaning. Through visualizing the power of life, growth and wisdom, this deeply philosophical print is beautifully inspired by the flow of energy through life and all of the ways in which we can explore it. The artist’s intent was to capture the delicate balance between opposites in a bloom of colorful imagery. At a glance, this painting is an explosion of vibrant energy. Yet, with only one more second looking at it, you realize that there is a continuous interplay between positive and negative patterns and influences. This work is a beautiful representation of what it means to be alive, to experience the joys and sorrows that come with living, and to find the lessons hidden in each moment. There are infinite ways to learn from our experiences; so ensure that you never lose your sense of wonder amidst this world of crafted difficulties. With this piece being a spiritual source of healing energy that brings vitality and inspiration, look at this piece of art and let it speak to your soul. You will recognize the life lesson of embracing the facets of your true soulful essence.

This piece reflects on the event of your perception being changed from the inside out. Most things in life require an inside job if we truly desire change. The way we see the world is a direct reflection from inside of us, our inner world. If we want to see things change, we need to change how we see. A lot of the times it is just a matter of a shift in perspective that opens your eyes to a world full of thousands of opportunities and amazing potential that you hadn’t seen before. This piece, ‘Down to Earth’, shows how one can become grounded in their higher self by working on their roots in their inner world, which will reflect in their outer world with growth and prospering. If your outer world isn’t how you want it, take a look inside of your inner world and start there. It is all a matter of changing how you see, and see how you change.

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Dimensions 8 × 10 in


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