What’s New With Expressive Aura?

Since creation has always been my passion, I decided to explore new entrepreneurial pursuits out of creative curiosity and dove into the world of creating journals. It felt amazing to have another endeavor in which I could tell my story and help other people through active guidance; another way to communicate my experiences. I felt called to share all the wisdom I had received during my trying times, hoping that it could help someone build resilience and use adversity to advance in their personal story. Although I have fewer years on me regarding insight, I feel that no matter one’s age, the trials and tribulations are the catalyst to birthing insight that is beyond one’s years. After translating experience into words of encouragement, I am so happy to introduce: The Grateful for Growth Journal, now available to purchase on Amazon.com.

Grateful for Growth is a daily reflection journal that encourages daily betterment and commitment to one’s growth journey. This journal is the key to staying true to your goals and building momentum as you progress mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This tool was created with the vision of guiding others on the journey of reaching higher levels of perception & becoming available for one’s soul inquiries that go beyond answering prompts about simplistic gratitude. The main goal in creating this journal was to create it with great purpose and intention so that my readers can complete it with great purpose and intention in response. A daily journal should be a great source of guidance in addition to reflective opportunities. Each quote and prompt has been carefully chosen to invite the reader to seek a greater level of understanding towards oneself and their personal journey as that is key to consistent growth.

An Act of Self Love

This journal provides all of the tools and practices for you to turn your focus back to achieving your goals and fulfilling your needs. Grateful for Growth is here to help you become empowered and fall back in love with yourself.

Take on the Go

No matter if you’re at the park or on a train, this journal is the essential item in your to-go bag. With Grateful for Growth, you can reflect and recenter yourself wherever you are.

Perfect Gift for a Loved One

Giving a loved one Grateful for Growth gives them the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. By thinking of this person’s mind and soul, you are giving them the most thoughtful gift yet.

Experience Clarity

With the world constantly distracting us, sometimes it’s tough to know where to direct your thoughts & energy. It can be difficult to find a way to refocus and make progress when you feel overwhelmed. Grateful for Growth is the guide that you need to help you clarify your mind to bring balance into your life. This journal creates a safe space for you to find your voice and develop a deeper connection with yourself, allowing you to tune into your inner wisdom and strength and take back your power. By reflecting on your intentions & efforts you can maximize your focus on your goals and aspirations to make a positive difference in your life.

Track Your Progress

Sometimes it’s hard to see the impact of your actions on your life. It can be so easy to forget that your day-to-day decisions influence your overall health and happiness. Grateful for Growth is the journal that helps you adopt healthy habits and develop self-awareness so that you can be fully present with yourself throughout your endeavors. From tools to help you organize your thoughts & prioritize your goals, to reflections that spur positive, productive energy, this journal is all you need to make lasting changes in your life.

Become Motivated

You’re always trying to find new ways to motivate yourself but it never seems to work. Staying stuck in your comfort zone is easy to do, but growth and change are hard to come by. Maybe you need a fresh perspective on how to improve your life. With this journal as your companion, you will take hold of your life and get back on track. Grateful for Growth includes an abundance of tools that help you commit to yourself, providing inspiration and motivation every step of the way. Your greatness is always first priority.

No matter what kind of growth journey you are on, Grateful for Growth is there to support your every step of becoming a greater you. Order Grateful for Growth on Amazon and begin the incredible journey of living and growing with purpose and intention.

Colorful Murals Created for TACHP!

I am so beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to paint a few vibrant murals for the Passion Project Event earlier this May. With the theme being ignite passion, it immediately drew me in and allowed me to ignite my own passion for this passion project. I am so happy to be able to create art for the community, especially in a place where pure artistry and creativity are recognized and supported by many contributors. After spending much time creating my journal, I had a lot of creative energy that needed to be released and I could not name a better time and place to express this need. While these murals are only temporary because of their exclusive purpose for the event, they can currently be seen outside of The Art Center in Highland Park for the duration of the Passion Project Exhibition. It was an absolute joy painting for TACHP, here are the pictures of the murals displayed outside of The Art Center.