Coloring Life One Day at a Time…

Transmuting Adversity to Art

Expressive Aura.

This brand shines light on the opportunity for growth in each and every moment. Life is an entire playground for our souls to prosper, but it is the choice of being open to the wisdom that is all around us that creates harmony in our lives. No matter what experiences you go through in your life, there will always be blessings waiting to be seen and felt by your truest self. Hardships don’t happen to you, they happen for you. This brand highlights the transformation of burdens to beauty.

How Expressive Aura Can Inspire Others

What Kind of Value Expressive Aura Brings

Within the healing and creative process, there are thousands of opportunities to guide you to your truest self. That is where your authentic expression awaits you. Whether you are very familiar with turning inward or curious about this journey, giving yourself sacred time to explore and experience your authenticity will awaken you to shine your light and share it with the world. You are a gift to this world. Be yourself and make your mark on this earth showing that you didn’t just exist today, but you lived.

The light that is shone upon the journey of self discovery can truly be the catalyst to your inner growth. It is the insight on how to find a deeper understanding for self reflection and learning how creative expression can be your guide. This is where you learn to let go of plans, expectations, control and just allow your soul to be safely submerged within the expression without restriction or judgement. This is where you are able to receive clarity by listening to your inner guidance. It is all within the harmonious union of your soul and the present moment. This is where life truly happens.

Soul Inquiry

“The artist’s mission is to make the soul perceptible. Our scientific, materialist culture trains us to develop the eyes of outer perception. Visionary art encourages the development of our inner sight. To find the visionary realm, we use the intuitive inner eye: the eye of contemplation, the eye of the soul. All the inspiring ideas we have as artists originate here.”